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You Decide with Errol Louis

Mar 23, 2023

Doug Muzzio, one of the most colorful and most-quoted commentators and pollsters on the New York political scene, is hanging up his hat. 

Muzzio, the chief pollster at Baruch College where he worked for the last 43 years, joined Errol Louis for a conversation touching on everything from polling techniques,...

Mar 16, 2023

Some drivers in New York City are flagrantly breaking the rules, doing things like tampering with their license plates in an attempt to avoid being detected by red-light and speed cameras.
The number of scofflaws defacing plates is mushrooming after the cameras started operating around the clock last August.

Mar 9, 2023

There are over 71,000 people in New York City’s shelter system, including more than 13,000 families with children, a number that continues to climb as more migrants arrive in the five boroughs. Many in the system are escaping trauma, and they would benefit from mental health treatment.

The former speaker of the New...

Mar 2, 2023

With hip hop celebrating its 50th birthday and getting a museum in its Bronx birthplace, Errol sat down with one of the leading scholars and critics of the genre: Nelson George.

George has spent the last four decades chronicling hip-hop's rise. His coverage in the Village Voice and the many books he has written are all...

Feb 23, 2023

Bob McCarthy was at the Buffalo News for 41 years, spending much of it covering New York politics. He retired this February, leaving behind an award-winning career and a deep understanding of all things related to the so-called Queen City, including the lengthy political life of Buffalo-native Kathy Hochul.

Bob McCarthy...