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You Decide with Errol Louis

Nov 23, 2022

Crime and public safety were some of the top issues that New York voters were concerned about during the election cycle and major talking points in the race for governor. Even with the election mostly in the rear-view mirror, the issue of crime will continue to be a focus in New York as Mayor Eric Adams calls for changes to the state’s bail laws and other reforms.

Errol talked it over with Scott Hechinger, a former public defender in Brooklyn and the founder of Zealous, a national criminal justice nonprofit. He sat down with Errol for a lengthy discussion about the recent gubernatorial election in New York and what the results indicate about the emerging narrative around bail reform.

They also touched on the power and importance of Twitter as a tool for social justice. They also looked at the impact that storytelling and the media can have compared to data, and examined the misconception that public defenders don't care about public safety.

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