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You Decide with Errol Louis

Feb 24, 2022

Last month’s fatal shooting of two NYPD officers in Harlem is just one of many high-profile shootings over the years. That includes Steven McDonald, who was shot in 1986 while on patrol and was left paralyzed for decades. His story is part of a recent book, “New York’s Finest, Stories of the NYPD and the Hero Cops Who Saved the City” by veteran journalist Michael Daly.

Daly joined Errol to talk about McDonald’s life story and the years that he has covered the NYPD, from his time at the Daily Beast to the New York Daily News. He also gave some advice to the next generation of journalists and talked about the impact the pandemic has had on the city, as we approach the two-year anniversary of the first confirmed cases in the five boroughs.



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